SPELLCRAFTING hardback book

SPELLCRAFTING hardback book

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Personalised spells are powerful spells - and the key to powerful spellcrafting lies within you. By focusing your intention and trusting your intuition, you will learn how to elevate your craft and tap into the magical energies that flow throughout the world.

Spellcrafting guides you on this journey of magic and self-exploration, helping you strengthen your connection to yourself and to the abundance of the earth’s natural energies. Inside these pages, you’ll learn how to craft and cast a spell of your own making, raise your personal energy before casting your spell, establish a network of spellcasters, refine and amplify spells you’ve used in the past, and discover the most favourable time to cast your individual spells. With this enhanced understanding, your spellcasting will go beyond the basics and become aligned with your own unique needs.

Empower your practice with the inspiration, magic, and art of spellcrafting.

Number of Pages: 303 (Hardback)