Large Hexbomb Bloodwitch / Blackwitch hexwax melt
Large Hexbomb Bloodwitch / Blackwitch hexwax melt
Large Hexbomb Bloodwitch / Blackwitch hexwax melt

Large Hexbomb Bloodwitch / Blackwitch hexwax melt

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Hexwax to match your black soul hexbombs! We have developed this line to match our bombs, since we came up with this idea in 2017 you can now have our signature scents fragrance your homes. They come in 70g circular witch moulds. Soy blend and clp compliant.

types black metallic witch hexwax-rose garden

bathory- blood witch wax - baby berries fragrance 



This is not actually smoke but  the fragrance oil burning off.  This is normal and can occur when there is too much heat and highly fragranced melt with low heat tolerance.  The tealight could be too big and therefore too hot for the burner.  Please use a smaller tealight and ensure the burner can be used with wax melts and not just oils.  If you have an electric burner, it should not happen as they tend to have less heat.  The higher the fragrance level, the higher chance of this smoke effect too.  We scent to the highest we can and some fragrance oils are more prone to smoke effect than others due to their heat level tolerance.  Ensure there is plenty of wax in the burner too.  Certain fragrances have a low heat tolerance and may smoke off more than others, please do not be alarmed, it is not actually smoke but vapour.  We do recommend using an electric burner if this occurs, or a much smaller tealight.


Soy is UK grown and non GMO 

candle dye and micas used for colouring - all cruelty free ingredients and vegan.  To achieve more vibrant colors, we have to use more dye, so please be awaye some staining on lighter surfaces may occur.  Glitter is biodegradeable


all packaging is vegan friendly and can be recycled, reused or biodegradeable

all hand made

Large Hexbomb Bloodwitch / Blackwitch hexwax melt