DUST TO DUST -450g SPECTRE ghost mist bath dust

DUST TO DUST -450g SPECTRE ghost mist bath dust

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Our new dust to dust formula comes in a large 400g tub.

you can control how much powder you want to put in your bath to reach your desired colour but a little goes a long way!

SPECTRE- ghost mist bath dust fragrance is melon and berries••our medicated Hexbomb in dust to dust form.

perfect for sensitive skin

it also comes with a mini wooden scoop or plastic spoon and will last 8-12 baths depending on how much you use.

store in a cool dry place/ vegan/ sls and paraben free

large savings compared to buying the bombs individually, only having 1 tub which can be recycled and reused🌿

handmade and licenced 🌿