Image of Body mists HEXMIST RANGE 100ml

Body mists HEXMIST RANGE 100ml


our dark Hexmist body mist range are mystical & macabre.
Perfect dark fragrances include.

NIGHTFALL-black orchid fragrance- an addictive musk -base combines woodsy notes (patchouli and sandalwood), dark chocolate, incense, amber, vetiver, vanilla, and balsam.🌑

HARVEST NIGHT- pumpkin chai fragrance- think warm pumpkin and chai tea on an autumn night🍁

CONJURE- fig & cassis fragrance-This is a fresh fruity and woody scent that is fairly unique in the fragrance arena. It has a prominent herbal note above all, along with the fresh cassis and fig.🔮

SINS- coco & lemongrass fragrance- a strong mist with fresh coconut & citrus notes.🕸

BLOOD & GOLD-oud fragrance- a perfect unisex fragrance, rich woodsy base notes and a hint of nag champa musk⚰️

HAUNT-ghostly walk fragrance- rich earthy fragrance on a chilly misty night. You must smell this and see. Perfect unisex fragrance.

Image of Body mists HEXMIST RANGE 100ml Image of Body mists HEXMIST RANGE 100ml