Dark Fae soap sponge

Dark Fae soap sponge

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Our new dark Fae winter soap sponge in midnight blue and gold metallic. Filled with the fragrance of winters eve- a dewy frost evening air combined with wood smoke undertones and winter forest fragrances.

These smell absolutely amazing and are so simple to use The Exfoliating Sponges remove dead skin leaving it soft & smooth.
Our soap sponges will last approx 2-4 weeks with daily use. After all the soap is gone they can be used as a standard sponge :) HOW TO USE: Just wet the sponge with a little bit of warm water to make it softer and wash as normal. Leave to dry between uses. Do not leave the soap sponge submerged in water. ✔ SLS FREE - VEGAN FRIENDLY - CRUELTY FREE - MADE IN THE UK ✔ Handmade with the highest quality ingredients