Mildred ornate artisan filigree candle. 2 types

Mildred ornate artisan filigree candle. 2 types

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The Gothic Pillar Candle. Meet the ornately beautiful 'Mildred'.

She likes to sit amongst the most beautiful of mantle pieces and boldly out shine all of the other pillars in your collection with her intricate baroque embellishments.

Two marvellous new scents join us for the release of our new gothic pillar candles: 'Midnight Mourning' and 'Cardinal Musk' (see below for their scent descriptions)

Our Pillar Candles are handmade by An artisan chandler with  a Soy Wax Blend and Vegan Scents.

The Fragrances:

GREY - Cardinal Musk: 'The Sweet Scent'

A warm and sensuous aroma with true sweetness coming from luscious Musk. The body of the scent is held in sandalwood, an iconic rich scent. This is a subtle and captivating scent.

IVORY - Ritual Rose: 'The Floral Scent'

A sophisticated luxury scent that mirrors freshly picked roses. A hint of sweetness and a full blown floral aroma.

Dimensions: Height 12cm, Width 5cm. Weight 250g